Nystatin backorder – Your Compounding Options

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, LLC has secured a large amount of nystatin USP powder to meet the needs of our patients during the recent shortage. Our experience in compounding nystatin suspension over 20 years gives us a unique perspective to meet this shortage demand. What is Nystatin Used For? Nystatin Oral Suspension is used in both…

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Hirsutism Treatment Options Through Compounding

Pharmaceutical lab used for hirsutism treatment.

Hirsutism Treatment Hirsutism can be defined as excessive body hair in women, often in areas of the body where hair is unwanted.1 Women who suffer from facial hirsutism often avoid social situations and have been observed to have signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression.2 This issue presents a need for affordable compounding ideas for patients…

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Common Ketamine Compounding Applications

Ketamine nasal spray

If we were to list the most important health crises affecting the world today, the opioid epidemic and refractory depression would be at the top of our list. Ketamine could be part of the answer to both of these issues taking lives and devastating families. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy uses this medication to help patients with neuropathic pain…

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Dry Mouth Treatment Options Through Compounding

Medicine used for dry mouth

Saliva is essential to overall health and is needed to moisten/cleanse our mouths, digest food and prevent infection and tooth decay by controlling bacteria and fungi in the mouth. When we don’t make enough saliva, our mouths become dry and uncomfortable. Fortunately, many treatment options are available that can help with dry mouth, also called…

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