Thymate Glandular Immune boosting formula

Thymate Herbal Glandular Vitamin Mineral Complex For Immune Support 180 Tablets


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  • Thymate Glandular Immune boosting formula

    Thymate™ has been researched to address core health issues within your immune system. As the centerpiece of your speed healing, immune system boosting program, it gives results.

  • Protein debris from a trauma site in your body get into the blood flowing by and coat the normal cells. As these sticky cells stack and clump, they inhibit the blood cells from picking up oxygen and performing at their optimum capacity.
  • The area waste, swelling, and toxins will cause you pain and inflammation, slowing the healing process as they are trapped inside your tissues.
  • Thymate™ enables the sticky cells to free themselves of one another. With their clean surfaces, the cells are now free to perform their required duties of cleansing the body of the unwanted waste and delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients into the bloodstream.
  • Thymate™ addresses the nutrient support system and immune support functions which are both primary for regeneration of the strongest possible cells.
  • Having the capability of an optimally performing bloodstream enables any nutrients or prescribed medications being taken to perform at their most efficient capacity.
  • The stronger the immune system, the stronger the cells laid down.
  • Thymate™ specially formulated nutritional complex is specifically balanced to aid in achieving this intricate rebuilding process.
  • “You get sick from the inside out.” “You become well from the outside in.”
  • “To achieve maximum healing results, the bridge to rebuilding health must have all its crucial spans intact.”
  • You are encouraged to pursue all avenues for optimizing the mind/body connection towards your goal of optimum health.
  • The central premise of Thymate™ , an herbal/glandular/vitamin/mineral complex with multiple antioxidants is to boost the immune system function.Thymate ™ resupplies us with thymus, which in everyone begins to dry up between puberty and twenty (20). By the time we turn fifty (50), the thymus gland is about gone, yet it is central in controlling the whole immune system function.
    The older we get, the more allergies we encounter that our immune system can’t process, the more colds and flus we get, and the slower we heal.So now, with Thymate ™, we are more capable of destroying both defective cells, as in cancer, and defective antibodies, both of which can reproduce themselves when we are under heavy stress or major infection, etc. These defective antibodies go out and attack the joints… they call this rheumatoid arthritis, or attack the nerve linings… they call that MS, etc. There are over eighty (80) different names for all of the different autoimmune mistakes.Your one best shot at destroying defective cells or antibodies is the first one, before the body begins to reproduce the defective cells or antibodies. This is because once the body begins to reproduce them, it will recognize the reproductions as self and no longer attempt to destroy them. At this point, the best we can hope for is to create a modulating effect on the immune function slowing or stopping the forward progression of the problem. This allows the body to focus more on healing and repair as opposed to being under constant siege. This has quite often proceeded to the point that the patient became totally symptom-free, at which time they went to a maintenance dose to help keep it in check. This is one of the strongest reasons why we would want to continue on the preventive/maintenance dose once we have improved our current health condition.When we are walking through the park on a nice day, the parasympathetic (maintenance) nervous system is in control of all body functions. When a “Lion” jumps out from behind a bush, we frantically do a major systemic adrenaline dump which causes massive generalized cell stickiness throughout the whole body and … SHIELDS!! … the body constricts all surface vessels to shield us, much like the Bat Mobile, so that if we got cut or scratched in the encounter we would not bleed so bad. This is a simple natural defense mechanism. Stress is this natural defense mechanism like a broken record. Now as the cells travel down the blood vessels and touch one another, they begin to stack as many as eight high and also clump spherically. These clumped cells passing through the lungs are unable to pick up as much oxygen as before because not as much surface area is available.When they get over to the capillaries, where only two red blood cells can get through side-by-side at any one time, they begin to trash up the entrance like leaves clogging a gutter. This blocks out nutrients as well as the extra oxygen that could have gotten in under normal conditions. Also, the area-waste, swelling and toxins that cause pain, inflammation and impede or slow the healing process are trapped in the tissue inside the capillary zone and they can’t get out as well as before.Within thirty minutes of dosing with Thymate ™ , using a darkfield microscope, you begin to see the sticky cells freeing themselves of one another as Thymate ™ is cleaning off their surfaces. This allows them to pick up more oxygen in the lungs and also allows you to get increased oxygen and nutrients into the tissue inside the capillary zone. It also allows the area-waste, swelling and toxins to be free to leave and thus be eliminated from the system. Therefore, we have a cleaner healing environment, i.e., cleanse the blood… rebuild the body.