Migraine Treatment Through Compounded Medicine

Compounded Migraine medication in a glass piston & mortar.

Migraine Treatment & Background Costing about $20 billion a year in medical expenses and loss of productivity, migraines are the sixth most disabling disease in the world (affecting 36 million Americans) and can last from hours to days.1 Triptan medications are the first-line acute treatment for migraines, but these can be expensive, and there are…

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MITOCORE Ortho Molecular Products

• Recharges Cellular Energy Production • Supports Immune Function • Increases Antioxidant Protection • Supports Detoxification Capacity • Provides Key Micronutrients to Optimize Daily Nutritional Intake Mitocore is a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients specifically designed to boost cellular and mitochondrial energy production, maximize antioxidant capacity, support detoxification, and strengthen immune response. Based on peer-reviewed, double-blind…

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An Innovative Treatment for Hirsutism: Topical Metformin

The term “hirsutism” is of Latin origin, meaning excessive growth of stiff hair, or simply hairiness. The common clinical use of the term refers to women with excess growth of stiff, pigmented hair (known as “terminal hair”) in a male pattern. Specific sites for excess hair are lips, chin, and chest. In approximately 90% of…

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