Veterinary Compounding

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is a world-class veterinary compounding pharmacy. We provide fast, reliable, compounding services for dogs, cats, and other common house pets, along with exotic or unusual species, such as snakes, squirrels, lizards, fish, primates, and horses or other large animals.

Compounding is a unique approach to pharmaceuticals in that it allows for customized medications that meet every patient’s unique needs, and the patients that veterinarians see are perhaps the most unique patients of all. Because animals cannot tell their veterinarians about their symptoms, diagnosing animals is exceptionally challenging. Administering therapeutic drugs can also be difficult, particularly if the animal needs several medications.

Benefits and Uses of Veterinary Compounding

The pharmacists at Pavilion work with our clients and pet owners to customize medications for each animal in their care. Some pets dislike the taste of their medications, and this can make it hard to administer critical drugs. Many animals prefer Pavilion’s veterinary flavors, such as grilled chicken, peanut butter, tuna, liver, strawberry, and other natural tastes.

Other animals, especially very small or very large animals, may need a dose that is not commercially available. Pavilion Compounding can customize strengths for nearly every animal, from a 2 lb. kitten to a full-size horse. In some cases, our compounding pharmacy for animals can provide veterinary medications discontinued by the manufacturer.

Pet compounding makes it possible to combine two or more drugs together in a single dose, which makes it much easier to administer medications to animals that need multiple drugs. Compounding also ensures the animal never misses a dose, and helps veterinarians and pet owners manage an animal’s medications and refills.

Dosage Forms for Pets and Exotics include:

  • Chewable Medicated Treats
  • Transdermal Gels/Creams
  • Liquid Suspension and Solutions with Animal-friendly Flavoring
  • Capsules (beef or chicken flavored available)
  • Topical Creams Ointments Lotions

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy has compounded a wide variety of unique compounded pet medications for animals, including:

  • Antibiotic suspensions for snakes
  • Transdermal gels of thyroid medications for cats, applied to the inside of the animal’s ear
  • Capsules and chewable medications for incontinence or arthritis in dogs
  • Medications for rabbit, kangaroo, and equine patients

The pharmacists at Pavilion Compounding can formulate medications in a variety of dosage forms, including liquid, capsule, and chewable tablets. Ask us about our many methods of providing this for your four-legged or winged family member!

Veterinary Medications Compounded by Pavilion

Pavilion compounds a number of medications to treat a wide variety of veterinary conditions, such as:

Congestive heart failure – a progressive condition that affects the pumping power of the heart muscles

Incontinence – loss of bladder or bowel control

Ascites – accumulation of fluid in the abdomen

Hyperthyroidism – enlargement of the thyroid gland, which triggers overproduction of thyroid hormones

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy keeps a large inventory of a wide variety of veterinary medications to treat these conditions, including:

Estriol – treats incontinence in dogs

Potassium bromide – treats seizures in dogs

Zonisamide – treats seizures in dogs and cats

Phenobarbital – treats seizures in dogs and cats

Enrofloxacin – treats bacterial infections in dogs and in small mammals, birds, and reptiles

Tranilast – treats skin conditions in dogs

Gabapentin liquid – a xylitol-free anti-seizure and pain medication used with other drugs to treat seizures and chronic pain

Furosemide – a diuretic (“water pill”) to treat congestive heart failure, lung fluid retention, and certain kidney diseases

Acepromazine – a sedative and tranquilizer

Spironolactone – a diuretic (“water pill”) for congestive heart failure and ascites

Cyclosporin – for the treatment of some skin conditions; available in both oral and eye drops

Diethylstilbestrol – treats urinary incontinence

Piroxicam – anti-inflammatory, used to treat cancer in dogs, cats

Phenylpropanolamine – treats urinary incontinence

Cisapride – treats gastrointestinal disorders in cats

Hydrocodone – relieves severe pain

Methimazole compounded in liquids – treats hyperthyroidism in cats

Theophylline – opens airways in the lungs to help both our canine and feline patients breathe more comfortably

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is a Proud Partner of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

We’ll donate a percentage of our sales from your veterinary compounded medication to our friends at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, a non-profit volunteer-based organization dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from high-kill shelters in north Georgia. Call us, or stop by our animal compounding pharmacy for details.

When it comes to providing pharmaceuticals, the compounding professionals at Pavilion are dedicated to both compassion and speed because we are sincerely interested in the health and well-being of humans and animals alike. In fact, we encourage our clients to send us pictures of our new furry, feathered, or scaly friends.