I Am Woman

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Yes, I know it seems unusual that I, a male pharmacist, just finished reading ” I Am Woman” by Dr. Shelena Lalji, M.D.,a board certified OB/GYN, but allow me to explain and you will soon understand my enthusiasm for what I do, as a compounding pharmacist and how this relates to my practice. In October of 2012, I attended PCCA’s (Professional Compounding Centers of America) international conference, where I heard Dr. Shel speak about gluten intolerances and how that impacts many patients lives in a negative way. As well as being an outstanding speaker, Dr. Shel has an integrative practice in Sugarland, Tx, down the street from Pcca’s corporate headquarters, where she has provided a model for how medicine should be practiced. Her book is part cheerleading, story telling, and testimonials from her patients, as to how her method of medicine is changing woman’s lives. From bioidentical hormones, nutrition, yoga, and just plain listening, she has made a difference. I encourage all patients, both men and woman, to listen to their bodies and seek out practitioners who have like practices. In the Atlanta metro area, we are fortunate to have several dedicated holistic, integrative , wellness practices that work with mind/body/and spirit as their main focus. These practices are not designed to see the most patients, but to get the most out of their expertise. If you are experiencing GI problems, menopause, andropause, foggy thinking, mold, heavy metal or environmental exposure to toxins, nutritional depletion or simply want to get on a path to better health, you can give us a call at Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, where we can recommend a provider that will care for you as an individual and not just a set of lab values. As a compounding pharmacy, working locally, we have the advantage of talking to our patients and finding out what works and what does not. Put our collective brain trust to work for you. Start by sending off your own saliva test, to present to your doctors and demand answers. If you are not getting the relief you want, and you know your own body better than any doctor, then keep looking for the answers, as the answers are out there. We are available to help you explore your options.

We can be reached at 404-350-5780 ask for one of our pharmacists and to whom we may recommend for your individual needs. All of us look forward to your calls.