Tri-Luma® Compounded Alternative

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Many of you have been looking for the equivalent to Tri-Luma®, which has been on long term back order, for at least several years, to the best of my knowledge.

Well, good news for those of you who have Melasma, a condition which produces too much melanin. Those ugly brown spots, usually showing up on the face, but other areas such as the upper neck and arms also are common sites.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, located in Atlanta, Ga, has been compounding this formula consisting of the following ingredients:

  • fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% to reduce inflammation
  • hydroquinone 4% to help lighten the skin
  • tretinoin 0.05% to help exfoliate the skin
  • Cream base or ointment

In addition to this formula we also compound the popular Tri-Hydro-Ret formulas that were made popular by Dr. Isaac Willis, M.D., a renowned Dermatologist, in the Atlanta area, before his untimely passing several years ago.

While not bound by any percentages, any one of the above can be increased or decreased, to correspond to the individuals patients skin type and degree of problem.

Ask one of our knowledgeable compounding pharmacists, to assist you with a formula suitable for your skin. While a prescription is needed, we can help you locate a Dermatologist in the Atlanta area who understands the correct prescribing of Tri-Luma® and Tri-hydro-Ret. The later formulas consists of triamcinolone, hydroquinone, and retinoic acid. Variations are possible with hydrocortisone and dexamethasone commonly used as another steroid. Recommended for thin skin areas.

We have a lot of exciting new bases, including Phytobase®, an elegant, moisturizing base, with a nice, smooth feel. Phytobase, also enhances the penetration of the active drugs to enhance possibly increase the effectiveness.