Estriol For Your Dog

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Brad M. Cherson, RPh

With the recent shortage of Incurin® brand of estriol tablets for dogs, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is pleased to offer compounded Estriol for your furry friend. Estriol is a bio-identical female hormone, often used in humans for hormone replacement. In this use, a female spayed dog benefits from urinary incontinence due to sphincter mechanical deficiency. Dosing can be adjusted per responsiveness, but 2mg is common for 2 weeks, reduced to 1mg, thereafter, and you may find 1/2 mg is sufficient to provide effective, positive results.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy has chicken and beef flavored capsules and the dosing can be adapted to your pets need. Should you have trouble dosing with a capsule a fish, chicken, liver, or beef flavored liquid can be customized to your pets preferences. Additionally, we can customize chewable formulations in many animal friendly flavors.

As always, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy donates 5% of our Veterinarian Compounds, to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, to help those animals needing a loving home. Supporting our local organizations is important to our community and we encourage donations to this wonderful organization.