Transdermal Medication for Cats

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Many times we get questions from both patients and veterinarians on a better method to dose their cat. At Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy we routinely recommend transdermal drug delivery for those cats difficult to give liquids, pills, or other “home grown” methods.By utilizing this method, we are able to formulate many types of drugs directly into the bloodstream via the skin. We have had excellent feedback from our patients for several drugs, including methimazole, famotidine, tramadol for pain, and several antibiotics, hypertension, and many others. So, when dosing your cat is becoming a struggle, give us a call to help solve, with your veterinarian a easier method. At Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy we are all about customizing your prescription medications, both for our human patients, as well as our four-legged companions. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the bond between owner and pet, and enjoy hearing the successful stories.

One of our premier supplies, PCCA-Professional Compounding Centers of America, has additional information.