Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Tetracaine Topical

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BLT, or the combination of lidocaine, benzocaine, and tetracaine, is one of the specialized formulations provided by Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy. Several options can be customized depending on the procedure being performed. Laser treatments require a base that won’t reflect the light source, but also needs to be fast acting. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacists have developed a formulation using shea butter for this very purpose. Feedback from our patients is overwhelmingly positive, often mentioning how much more efficacious our BLT is to others used. Another option which will provide a faster onset of action is to use a lipophilic base designed to transport the drugs thru the stratum corneum in a highly efficient and fast manner.

Important to the whole formulation is to run the mixture thru the ointment mill, shown in the picture, to reduce particle size and provide a smooth texture.

Additionally we can incorporate epinephrine or phenylephrine to constrict the blood vessels and increase the time the anesthetics work.

Give us a call in Atlanta, we are licensed in North and South Carolina, Kansas, Tennesee, New Jersey, Florida, and Kentucky. We would be happy to review your options and provide formulation assistance.