Glutathione for Parkinson’s and Other Central Nervous System Disorders

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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is pleased to provide Glutathione for use in Parkinson’s disease and other central nervous system (CNS) disorders such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Bipolar disease.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps detoxify the body and neutralize free radicals while supporting the immune system. According to many published studies, Glutathione deficiency is one of the earliest signs of Parkinson’s disease and other CNS disorders. Glutathione levels naturally decrease as we age, however this decline occurs much more rapidly in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Low Glutathione levels can lead to nerve damage and oxidative stress.

Research now suggests that Glutathione supplementation may help to improve many neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. According to one study, brain levels of Glutathione increased 240% in patients after administering through a nasal spray.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is able to provide patients with Glutathione in many dosage forms including nasal spray, transdermal cream, nebulization, and intravenous injection.

Unlike glutathione, acetyl glutathione is absorbed well orally. It is not affected by peptidases in the blood, and is absorbed intact into the cell where the acetyl group is cleaved off producing an intact reduced glutathione. Acetyl glutathione has been shown to effectively increase intracellular levels. Pavilion Compounding pharmacy offers our patients a pharmaceutical grade acetyl glutathione capsule: Click here to purchase acetyl glutathione capsules online.

Several Neurologists have requested we provide this to their patients and we happily made Glutathione available in many dosage forms at cost-effective prices. Our USP grade Glutathione is from a FDA registered facility located in the United States and has undergone a series of quality control tests to ensure the highest quality chemical is used.

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Nasal Spray Seen as Easy and Effective Way to Deliver Glutathione, a Parkinson’s Therapy

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