Pediatric Options for Compounding

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Often, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacists, receive requests from both patients and doctors on creative methods to help with dosing medications for children. Several options exist to help busy parents….Some drugs do well as a topical cream….We have successfully compounded b complex vitamins, pain medications, as well as several anti-nausea compounds. A review of the literature also talks about Strattera™ and other ADHD medications used as a transdermal method of drug delivery.

Other options are suspensions with the child’s favorite flavor..some of the flavors we have are marshmallow, cherry, tangerine, tuttfrutti, teaberry, grape, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, mint, vanilla, and the list goes on. The important point to mention is that each compound can be custom made to enhance the compliance of the patient. We work closely with many pediatricians, nurses, caregivers and especially parents to customize a formulation that works for your needs.

For those really stubborn children, we can compound into suppositories….not the most favorite of dosage forms, but if a critical medication is needed, and this is only way to guarantee therapy, there may not be a better option. Many antibiotics can be used including Zithromax™ or azithromycin, nausea and pain relief. We also compound was is commonly referred to as Flagyl® Suspension, not available in the United States, but we compound this with metronidazole benzoate, a much better method to make a palatable medication a child will take.

My point is to not give up on treating your child or perhaps your spouse….Your Pavilion Compounding Pharmacist can suggest alternative methods to give the most positive outcome. Compounding offers a myriad of options and sometimes a little creativity, input from the parents and child, as well as a well made preparation can provide successful therapeutic outcomes.

Several Ideas for Pediatric Compounding are Described Below:

Have a child with severe diaper rash, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacists have several formulation options that allow healing quickly. We suggest sucralfate, a sucrose sulfatealuminium complex which binds topically to the buttocks, allowing enhanced healing quickly. This can be combined with an anti-fungal drug, such as clotrimazole to fight both yeast and irritation.

Fever is miserable and uncomfortable, especially when a child does not feel well. Ibuprofen is a fantastic fever reducer, but tough on the stomach, if nausea is present. Two options are an ibuprofen suppositories and ibuprofen transdermal cream. Both formulations will bypass the stomach and allow for fast absorption to reduce fever.

Skin Conditions, including Psoriasis and Eczema provides numerous opportunites to customize many topicals designed to reduce the inflammation, irritation, and discomfort of the skin. Our Xematop® topical cream is specially designed as a natural alternative, but can be combined with steroids, vitamin b12, vitamin a and d, or niacinamide, to provide alternative options.

Acne presents itself in many different children, each providing several opportunities to help. We now have a new base from PCCA, called Clarifying Base® where many drugs can be added, including clindamycin, erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide, azithromycin, niacinamide, azelaic acid, steroids, retinoic acid, superoxide dismutase.