Testosterone Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Theory

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Testosterone replacement has become increasingly important as men and women age and the decreased levels finally prompt medical attention. Some of these symptoms common in both men and women include decreased libido, depression, hair loss, decreased strength and muscle mass,mental fog, weight gain leading to increase diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and degenerative arthritis.Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy provides formulas for both men and women in many different forms.

For Men, Pavilion Compounding can provide a concentrated cream, strengths can be from 5 to 20%, most common, or any other your doctor requests. This compounded formula can be applied to the inner arm or thigh using Lipoderm®, an innovative transdermal base, able to drive the testosterone into the skin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KhTYMZBoJE. Several studies exist to illustrate the efficacy of this base and the confidence, I, as a compounding pharmacist, require to provide a quality, reliable method of drug delivery. Using a concentrated, higher percentage formula, allows the patient to use a much smaller amount, over a smaller area to apply the cream. This reduces the chance of transference to a family member in the event of contact. Note, several other topical formulas can be compounded, including a hydro-alcohol base, which many of our patients find advantageous. Additionally, we can provide oral capsules, quick and slow dissolving tablets which can meet the needs of many men. Andropause is a real problem and low testosterone restored with Pavilion Compoundings expertise. Should you have a unique need, we are happy to help.

Women can benefit from several formulations, including applying topically and vaginally preparations or in an oral capsule or troche, or by oral/topical drops. Sterile Bioidentical Hormone Pellets can also be used in many situations and is beyond the scope of this blog. See our SteriPellet® website for further info. A common use is to apply testosterone to the clitoral area, enhancing libido and reducing dryness. Several different types of bases can be used including petrolatum or a water washable base suitable for vaginal tissue. We even provide a highly concentrated form we call our Microdose formula in a special device called an Accupen®able to deliver a measured amount of cream.

Being proactive will allow you to restore your youth, vitality and emotional strength. By restoring your testosterone levels, you may find many other health issues are resolved.

Pavilion’s Pharmacists work with many doctors and providers who are knowledgeable and experienced in prescribing testosterone restoration protocols. We are happy to share this information with you on an individual, customized basis. Your needs may vary, depending on several factors, such as age, demographics, other health issues, gender, cost and expectations. Give us a call to work with you to recommend a provider for your unique needs. 404-350-5780

Nothing is better than hearing a patient tell us they are feeling much better and thanking us for sending them to their new doctor.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and is dedicated to enhancing formulations to enhance your quality of life, from hormone replacement, pain management, hospice care, gastrointestinal special formulations, sinus therapy and is a specialist in mold remediation products. We also provide compounds for our furry friends, including exotic and traditional house pets. With a great staff and superior customer support we look forward to helping your unique needs.