Dermatology Bleaching Compounds

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A number of formulations are compounded to provide a customize approach to a bleaching skin care.

Most of the formulas contain hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, in concentrations ranging from 2.5% up to 12%. Our Tri-hydro-Ret formulas also contain retinoic acid and triamcinolone or hydrocortisone as the steroid.

Several of our doctors have the above compounded into a cream base, however; our formulas can also have a more occlusive option with an ointment. Kojic acid is another option that can be included in our formulas for enhanced results. Due to the potential drying effect of the ingredients, we have selected a very elegant base with anti-oxidant properties which our patients love.

Dr. Isaac Willis, used quite successfully, formulas that provided excellent results. With Dr. Willis’ untimely passing, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy was able to obtain his original formulations for his former patients. Contact us for doctors familiar with Dr. Willis’ treatment options.

Dermatology compounding is a huge field with tremendous options for our Providers. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacists can custom tailor a formulation with many unique properties customized for each patient. We have the Power to Customize. Additionally, Pracasil Plus®, a unique scar reducing base is perfectly matched to lighten skin and has been show to reduce scars with it’s unique properties.

Our ability to match a specific base with the active ingredients may make the difference for a successful treatment outcome. Give us a call to find out more information.

Many times a compounded topical product can meet the unique needs of a very specific skin condition where commercial products fail, or are just not available. At Pavilion compounding pharmacy we have the experience and knowledge of many formulas to enhance your skin condition. We also have access to a database of 1000’s of formulations, each providing a unique characteristic to match your skin problem.