Betahistine: A Treatment Option for Meniere’s Disease?

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Meniere’s disease is a condition caused by pressure of excess fluid in the inner ear. Some patients may experience mild or major dizzy spells in clusters, possibly once or twice weekly, for a period of several weeks or months. Patients may then have remission of episodes, which may last for months or years. Some attacks may happen only once or twice yearly. Very few patient’s have daily spells, and continuous vertigo in the sense of dizziness without remission. Ringing in the ear can be louder and hearing is worse during frequent attacks.

Betahistine Hydrochloride, when taken consistently, seems to reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks of nausea and vertigo that patients describe. Betahistine is understood to work by improving blood flow in the small blood vessels of the inner ear. Unfortunately, Betahistine is not always 100% successful, but avoiding surgery is the ultimate goal overall.

Meniere’s is an unusual problem where the cause is unknown. However, Betahistine Hydrochloride has been studied many times and found often to be effective and safe. Talk to your doctor about Betahistine Hydrochloride and the option of having it compounded.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, LLC formulates Betahistine Hydrochloride into several different strengths, with the 8mg and 16mg being the most common. Several considerations must be made when selecting a compounding pharmacy, including drying the crystals before packing into capsules, or else under-dosing can occur. Also, complete and uniform mixing of the powder mixture: Our resonant acoustic mixer, or RAM, provides state of the art compounding mixing necessary to provide medication uniformity.

A few side effects that need to be known are possible nausea, headache, and gastric issues. We don’t recommend Betahistine Hydrochloride if you have a peptic ulcer. Take with food on a regular basis.

Betahistine is not available commercially in the United States, and this is where Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, LLC meets the needs of our community. Our expertise in an ever expanding portfolio of compounded medications provides options to our providers and patients as a vital resource for the Atlanta and surrounding communities. Many of you know of our outstanding delivery options and the wonderful service our staff provides to our patient’s. We are also licensed in several states, including South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia. Ask about how we can deliver the orders to you.

Give us a call at 404-350-5780 to discuss your unique medication needs and let us customize a formula for you or a loved one.