High Does Biotin for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, LLC is pleased to provide High Dose Biotin or Vitamin H for use in Multiple Sclerosis. Biotin activates acetylCoA carboxylase, a potentially rate-limiting enzyme in myelin synthesis. Several Neurologists, have requested we provide this to their patients and we happily took on the challenge of formulating and making this available to provide a cost-effective drug delivery formula.

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Several studies have found a reduction in disease progression and ongoing research is continuing. Our experience has found the dosing to be 100mg daily. For enhanced absorption orally, we commonly use Loxoral®, an filler shown to improve the absorption of many active drugs. While other fillers can be used, we feel the best opportunity to provide the greatest absorption is desired in the MS community.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy also provides many other formulations for help in Multiple Sclerosis, including aminopyridine in both immediate release and sustained release formulations, Additionally, the transdermal delivery of medications may be useful of many movement disorders. Side effects may be reduced or even eliminated by using topical creams to avoid liver transformation metabolites that cause unwanted effects.

At Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, located in Atlanta, Georgia we have “The Power to Customize.” Ask us how we can help to deliver medications, including sterile formulations. From our IV formulations to fortified eye drops, we are here to meet the dynamic needs of our community and to provide a needed service to both people and pets.