Anti-Spasmodic Extended Release Compounding

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With the advent of newer medications, many older, well established formulations are either discontinued, or in short supply. One of those drugs is the extended release Donnatal®. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy has the technology and experience to provide compounded anti-spasmodic drugs for increased compliance dosage regimens. Using our RAM mixing device, we are able to provide the four ingredients, atropine sulfate, hyoscyamine sulfate, phenobarbital, and scopolamine hydrobromide into a lactose, dye free, formulation designed for a 10-12 hour release.

Several critical steps are needed in order to formulate into a final dosage form, including making aliquots, blending the powders, weighing the correct amount and encapsulating into the final capsule.

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable pharmacists to discuss your unique requirements for your treatment. We can also formulate into a liquid, should swallowing be a problem. Also, many doctors include this mixed with an antacid for “sour stomach.”

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