Introducing Ellage™, a Better Customized Vaginal Medication

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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is pleased to offer Ellage Anhydrous Vaginal, the first anhydrous base in pharmacy compounding developed specifically for vaginal applications. It is designed to be gentle on vaginal tissue, release drugs and maintain contact with the mucosa, all while providing a uniquely pleasant experience for our patients with various health challenges who need compounded vaginal medication.

With water activity less than 0.6, Ellage is classified as an anhydrous vehicle, which allows Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy to assign longer default beyond-use dates (BUDs), without sacrificing performance or elegance.

Ellage Anhydrous Vaginal is made of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is able to add in a variety of drugs, including:

This broad compatibility, combined with its gentle and nonirritating composition, means that Ellage is ideal in formulations for our patients with a wide variety of vaginal conditions.


Ellage Anhydrous Vaginal contains a self-emulsifying drug release system that creates a micro-emulsion when it comes in contact with water in vaginal fluid. This emulsion releases the active ingredients from the base to the mucosa. Once the active ingredients are released, the emulsifier system in the base also holds the drugs to the surface and increases the contact time. This combination of excellent drug release and adherence to mucosal tissue makes Ellage an ideal base for vaginal applications.


  • Potentially reduced leakage: In vitro testing shows that Ellage has significant potential to minimize leakage of medication, offering a superior patient experience
  • No irritation: Ellage is nonirritating and incredibly gentle on mucosal tissue, providing a pleasant base for customized vaginal medications


The results of in vitro testing show that Ellage Anhydrous Vaginal releases drugs comparable to VersaBase® Cream, the industry standard for compounded vaginal medicine, and another medicine Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy also offers. PCCA Science has published studies showing how well it releases estriol and testosterone, as well as amitriptyline and baclofen.

PCCA Science has also published in vitro studies showing that Ellage is nonirritating for vaginal tissue, it does not affect vaginal pH, and it is likely to adhere to vaginal tissue for a long period of time without leakage or messiness despite regular vaginal secretions. 

Does Ellage replace VersaBase Cream or MucoLox
TM/ VersaBase Gel for vaginal compounds?

While VersaBase Cream and the combination of MucoLox and VersaBase Gel are well established as options for vaginal compounds, Ellage Anhydrous Vaginal is a new anhydrous option to consider when starting a patient on a vaginal preparation. If a patient and her prescriber are pleased with her current compounded medication, however, we recommend not changing that compound.

™ is formulated without the ingredients below:

  • Wheat 
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Soy
  • Fish (including crustacean)
  • Peanut
  • Almond
  • Pecan
  • Macadamia
  • Walnut
  • Hazelnut
  • Gluten


For more information, or to discuss if Ellage™ is right for you or your patients, reach out to Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy today!