Phototherapy Resource – Oxsoralen™ Lotion

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We have learned that Oxsoralen®, brand of methoxsalen, is not available in the commercial market at this time. If you or your doctor are delaying your phototherapy, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy can help. We have successfully compounded an alternative to Oxsoralen Lotion, as well as the oral dosage form. No need to deny therapy. We are using the active drug Methoxsalen USP powder, the active ingredient in Oxsoralen®. Pavilion compounding pharmacists would be happy to discuss this option with your doctor.

Methoxsalen, either in capsule or solution form can be made in any strength you and your doctor prefer. Our expertise in compounding this can provide alternative options for your treatment.

The psoralen, 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) (Oxsoralen), is used for the treatment of psoriasis along with exposures to ultraviolet light in the UVA spectrum. PUVA is also of benefit in treating vitiligo, mycosis fungoides (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma), and graft versus host disease.

Your questions will be answered in a prompt manner, as we understand the importance of having this medication available.