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Washing your sinuses out is the single greatest step you can take to fight allergies.

  • The Nasopure Refill saline mix is made in the USA and compatible with all neti pots including Nasopure, Rhino Horn, SinuCleanse, NeilMed, Nasaline, Himalayan, and Ayr. Product is assembled in the USA by disabled adults in a sheltered workshop.
  • Saline mix is natural, side effect free, pharmaceutical grade, and packaged in 40 pre-measured salt packets
  • Each pre-measured salt packet weighs 3.75 grams and creates enough saline solution for up to a week of use so this refill kit can last up to 40 weeks or 9 months
  • The saline mix is comprised of a pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate with no additives, perfumes, or ingredients
  • Natural saline solution soothes irritated membranes by safely washing away pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses, and mucus