Bees and Trees Manuka Honey 550mg+ MG/kg (15 UMF equivalent) (380g/13.4oz)


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Manuka Honey is honey made from the nectar of the flowering Manuka tree, which is native to, and grows only in New Zealand. Manuka honey has been termed a “super food” for its overall health and wellness properties. Research performed in New Zealand & in Germany in the 1990s identified a unique and potent antibacterial property of Manuka honey which stimulated worldwide interest and markets. Active Manuka honey has been tested for this property, and most Manuka honey is valued based upon this level of bio-activity.

Much of the market treats Manuka honey as a medicine, Bees and Trees take a different approach. Bees & Tree’s provide a gourmet food first and foremost, that happens to possess great health and wellness properties. Bees & Trees Manuka honey is sold in glass jars, so you can see the beautiful color, which is largely consistent batch to batch as we don’t blend our honey. This Manuka honey is produced in one region of the country, Taranaki where the micro-climate produces a Manuka honey of superior taste. Our honey is raw, and minimally processed whereas most Manuka honey produced in New Zealand is creamed.

Try Bees & Trees Manuka honey, we think you’ll love it, if you don’t for any reason we’ll refund your money.