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Description: Don’t wear your problem around! Do you feel like no matter how many times you wash certain clothing items, they never truly smell clean? Do you have a fungal allergy and need your clothes to be mold-free to maintain your health? Fabric and textiles, especially moisture-wicking athletic clothing, are great hiding places for mold and bacteria. This product will tackle bacterial and fungal hitchhikers most laundry detergents fail to eliminate. It also neutralizes the musty and putrid smells that accompany mold, mildew, and bacteria problems.

  • · Removes Mold and Bacteria from Fabrics
  • · Eliminates Musty and Putrid Smells cause by Biologics
  • · Safe for all regularly laundered fabrics
  • · No harmful chemicals, synthetic perfumes or dyes
  • · Works with HE appliances

Directions: Add two (2) ounces of the laundry additive to the rinse cycle reservoir (softener) of your washing machine for every regular wash cycle. This product should be used in addition to your normal detergent or bleaching agent.

Indications: This product is a recommended part of the Environmental Treatment Protocol, developed by Dr. Don Dennis, for sufferers of Chronic Sinusitis or other mold related disease.

Product Size: 32 oz concentrate
Product contains: Distilled water, Tea Tree Oil and a proprietary natural botanical blend of citrus seed extracts.
NOTE: This solution normally varies from clear to brown depending on the seeds. Effectivness is not compromised.