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Since bacteria, viruses, and fungi can all contribute to your sinusitis simultaneously, does it make sense to only treat for one potential cause?

Early removal of mold from the nose and home may eliminate a contributing factor or even the cause of sinusitis or chronic disease and drastically shorten your treatment cycle.

Removal of mold and bacteria from the nose only requires washing your nasal passages with saline and the use of anti-fungal/anti bacterial agent twice daily. You should flush with a saline wash until water flows freely from one nostril to the other.

The Breathe Easy Kit gives you everything you need to remove mold from your nose and get feeling good again. This kit is designed for slight to moderate sinusitis sufferers. For patients with more chronic symptoms, adding Thymate to boost immune function and Sinus Defense to increase fungal resistance will dramatically speed recovery.

  • Fights Fungal Allergies
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  • Doctor Recommended
  • Great kit for travelers!
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Kit Contains:

1- CitriDrops Nasal Spray

1- CitriDrops Dietary Supplement
1- Nasopure Sinus Wash Kit

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