The Benefits of Compounded Medicine

There are many reasons to use compounded medicine.


Another dosage form is needed (oral, topical, liquid, sublingual, suppository).


There is a need for individual and/or bulk compounding.


The medication's flavoring needs to be changed to enhance compliance.


The medication of choice is no longer available commercially. Often we can order the main chemical ingredient and compound the formulation.


The manufactured oral medication causes nausea or other gastric side-effects. We can often compound the medication topically for maximized benefits and minimized side-effects.


Commercially available preparations are not in the strength you need. Patient is allergic to fillers or dyes in commercially prepared formulations.

As a compounding pharmacy, we are able to produce unique dosage forms of medications based on your preferences and/or restrictions. Examples include dye-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, and/or sugar-free forms of medications. To learn more about our ability to customize your meds, contact us today at 404-350-5780 or toll-free at 800-862-9812.