Thyroid Hormone Therapy

Our Natural Glandular Dessicated Porcine Powder USP, has the ratio of T3T4 that is recognized as the standard for natural thyroid replacement therapy.

Ask about our “Certificate of Analysis” from our suppliers should you or your provider require documentation.

Our compounded capsules are available in all the strengths from ¼ grain (15mg) up to 5 grain (300mg). A few of our patients require special formulas taking into consideration unique requirements for their needs. Ask our compounding pharmacist as to available options for your specialized formulation. Our use of Avicel™(microcrystalline cellulose) as the filler in our capsules, is recognized to have better absorption characteristics and is the preferred method for compounded natural thyroid.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy also stocks natural selenium and iodine supplements to enhance your thyroid hormone uptake and conversion reactions from T4 to T3.

In addition to the Natural Glandular Thyroid, we compound many formulas of BioIdentical T3T4, both in immediate release and sustained release formulations. Gluten and Lactose Free Special formulations can be requested by Your health care provider. You may have a need to utilize a very specific ratio of T3T4 in order to meet your unique requirements. Our raw material for this type of formulation has been analyzed by an independent laboratory to assure you of the exact potency of your preparation. Ask our compounding pharmacist about this important quality control measure. See our blog post for more information

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