CBD Tincture: Unwind Formula 1000mg/30mls By Pangaea RX


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Can’t stop the barrage of racing thoughts at the end of the night; need to turn down your intensity level; or just take a mental break?  We looked to mother nature, found our plant-based answer, and developed the Unwind Formula!  The Unwind Formula is our proprietary, terpene-driven formula that can provide a deeper level of rest and relaxation without the heavy grogginess found in other therapies.  The Unwind Formula is primarily fortified by the effects of Myrcene, Limonene, and Humulene and complemented with four other ancillary terpenes that together creates a mellow, plant-like flavor with a kiss of grape.  Combined with a broad spectrum of ZERO THC hemp-derived cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, & CBN), our Unwind Formula can provide a sustainable answer to regaining lost qualities of rest and relaxation without the heavy grogginess.

Terpene-driven, cannabinoid formulations for targeted results

Restore the body’s level of homeostasis and reclaim lost quality of life by effectively managing body ailments such as muscle aches/pain/tightness/spasms/spasticity, muscle/tissue inflammation, anxiety/stress management, insomnia, and other personal ailments. PangaeaRx product implementation of applied terpene science intensifies and measurably broadens the ‘Entourage Effect.’ Concurrently, this effect can help to achieve homeostasis within the human body. Benefits of achieving homeostasis can include: the highest levels of immunity, increased patience/minimized anxiety, and improvement of one’s physical dexterity, personal well-being, outlook and attitude.