The Benefits of Working with a Weight Loss Compounding Pharmacy

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Losing weight is hard. A weight loss program typically involves a very low-calorie diet along with increased physical activity. A weight loss plan may also include weight loss supplements that optimize the results of diet and exercise. While low-calorie diets, exercise, and weight loss pills can help you lose weight, most weight loss plans are a one-size-fits-all solution to a highly individualized problem – everyone gains and loses weight in his or her own unique way. Working with a weight loss compounding pharmacy can make it easier to lose weight and reach your weight loss goals.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is pleased to offer many personalized compounded innovations and weight loss options to help each of our patients lower their body weight and meet their weight loss goals!

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Why Choose a Weight Loss Compounding Pharmacy?

Nearly half of all adults in the United States tried to lose weight within the last year, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than 62 percent of respondents to that survey said they tried exercising and eating less food. Just over half said they tried eating more fruits, vegetables, and salads. About 44 percent said they tried drinking more water, and just over 42 percent said that they tried eating less fast food and junk food. Most tried two or more weight loss methods.

Fad diets and traditional diet plans come and go. Many diet plans fail because they do not provide rapid and measurable weight loss. Some popular diets fade because they are difficult to follow, or because they leave the dieter feeling hungry all the time. Other weight loss plans fail because they cause the dieter to lose muscle mass.

hCG and Dieting

*As of March 23rd 2020, HCG can no longer be compounded as the FDA has classified it as a biologic product. Please contact us for alternative options.*

To avoid the pitfalls that come with dieting, many consumers now combine very-low-calorie diets with the hormone, chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Like other hormones, hCG is a chemical messenger that tells body cells and tissues how to function.

hCG is present in both the female and the male body. A woman’s body produces hCG during pregnancy to stimulate egg production in the ovaries, promotes the maturation of eggs, and triggers the release of eggs into the ovarian tubes then into the uterus. The hormone also helps deliver nourishment to the developing fetus. The male body uses hCG to stimulate the production of testosterone in the testicles.

Doctors typically prescribe hCG for the treatment of male and female infertility problems. Now health professionals may recommend hCG and other pharmaceutical weight loss pills for those on low-calorie and very-low-calorie diets.

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About Weight Loss

To lose weight, dieters must burn more calories through exercise than they take in through food. One pound of fat represents approximately 3500 calories, which means the average dieter has to burn 3500 more calories than he or she consumes to lose one pound. This can be done over the course of a few days, of course, so someone can cut 500 calories from their diet each day to lose a single pound per week.

Simply cutting 500 calories a day is a big deal for most people. On average, the typical adult woman must eat about 2,000 calories a day to maintain her weight but eat only 1500 calories daily to lose weight – this means she must eat 25 percent less food each day to lose one pound a week. The average male needs about 2500 calories a day to maintain his weight and cut back to about 2000 calories to lose a pound per week.

Losing just one pound per week is not enough to keep most dieters on a weight loss plan. Many of those who want or need to lose weight more quickly try very-low-calorie diets that restrict their caloric intake to as little as 800 calories a day. Those who try very-low-calorie diets can lose several pounds each week.

The calories in food provide the body with fuel. The body converts leftover calories into fat, and stores this fat in muscles and in fatty tissue, known as adipose tissue. The body burns this fat for fuel when it does not receive enough calories from food to function well. Eating very-low-calorie diets, then, causes the body to burn even more fat.

Unfortunately, the body also breaks down muscle tissue for use as energy when it does not get enough calories from food. People who eat very-low-calorie diets are at special risk for losing muscle mass, which can make the dieters feel weak, listless and irritable. Taking hCG or other supplements can help reduce some of these unpleasant and sometimes unhealthy side effects of dieting.

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About hCG, Weight Loss Supplements and their Benefits

Dieting is hard. hCG and other weight loss supplements can make dieting a bit easier and more effective, resulting in greater weight loss, less muscle mass loss, and fewer side effects. Supplements may also replace essential nutrients lacking in very-low-calorie diets.

Many dieters who add hCG and other supplements to their low-calorie diet plan can lose more fat, feel less irritable, and have more energy than they would on a very low-calorie diet alone.

Two main hCG formulations are available for weight loss: hCG dietary supplements pills or drops and injectable prescription hCG. The injectable form delivers hCG directly into the body, so it is easier for the body to absorb and use, but many people are reluctant to use needles. For these dieters, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy offers hCG in many different dosage forms, such as rapid dissolve tablet, nasal spray, sublingual drops and troche, and transdermal cream. These supplements come in varying dosages, from 62.5 units to 500 units per dose.

Because hCG is a rather large molecule, the body has trouble absorbing the hormone. To promote absorption, our weight loss pharmacy uses PCCA’s High Molecular Weight Lipoderm base, which delivers the large hCG molecules through the skin.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy offers a wide variety of weight loss formulations, such as:

  • Sermorelin in sublingual drop and tablet triturate
  • Phentermine+Topiramate in sugar- and dye-free veggie capsules
  • Topical Metformin, which helps users avoid the gastrointestinal side effects commonly associated with oral formulations of the supplement
  • Vitamin formulations to replace nutrients often lacking in very-low-calorie diets

Weight Loss Compounding Experts

Compounding pharmacies like Pavilion can even create custom formulations to help each dieter lose more weight. Compounded medications can reduce the number of pills or other medications you take, and can optimize the results of those medications.

Contact Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy for more information on how an appetite suppressant, prescribed medications, or supplements can help promote fat loss.