Sterile Compounding Eye Drops

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Phenylephrine is an eye drop that is used to dilate the pupils during surgical procedures and provide symptomatic relief of post-operative inflammation.It also reduces the production of fluid in the eyes, and increases the amount of fluid that drains from the eyes. It is the latest medication to be placed on the ever-growing list of drug shortages. These drug shortages adversely affect drug therapy, compromise or delay medical procedures, and may result in medication errors.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is now formulating Phenylephrine eye drops. Pavilion’s specially trained pharmacists are able to compound this in strengths of 2.5% and 10% as may be prescribed by your provider.

In addition to phenylephrine, we are also able to compound sterile antibiotic and anti-fungal eye drops, including Interferon and ganciclovir.

Other examples include Vancomycin, Tobramycin, gentamicin, Amphotericin B, and voriconazole. Many antibiotics and antifungal agents are not commercially available in an eye drop dosage form. However, using our expertise and training, we are able to compound many different agents to meet the unique needs of our patients.

In addition, we are also able to compound fortified eye drops at a higher concentration than what may be commercially available. This often times results in increased efficacy and possibly a shorter duration of treatment.

All of our sterile preparations are made in our cleanroom and laminar flow isolator that meets or exceeds each of the standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) chapter 797. Our staff has undergone extensive sterile compounding training and we always use the highest quality ingredients and most current technology.

Additionally, we compound cyclosporine eye drops for both animals and humans, tacrolimus sterile ointment and drops, mitomycin, PHMB, chlorhexidine ,autologous serum drops, and EDTA for surgical procedures. We also compound low dose atropine eye drops, specially prepared for myopia prevention. Storage is important, and Pavilion Compounding Pharmacists can discuss those requirements for maximum effectiveness. According to the American Academy of Opthalmology “The 0.01% dose has the best therapeutic index. We think we can retard myopia progression by 50%.”

We, at Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, look forward to addressing your questions and calls regarding our sterile and non-sterile compounded formulations. Specialty compounding provides numerous options for our community and neighbors addressing a niche in the market we are proud to serve.

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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy can discuss delivery options, depending on dates of surgery or emergency eye injuries. Call for details.