Midrin Compound Available

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Recently the availability of the old Midrin Formula seems to be in short supply. In speaking with our supplier there is no information as to the release date of this long used formula for migraine headaches.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy has secured the 3 ingredients to compound the original formula. The 3 ingredients include ACETAMINOPHEN 325mg, DICHLORALPHENAZONE 100MG, AND ISOMETHEPTENE 65MG. Should your prescriber need to speak to us regarding the written prescription, we would be glad to discuss the process. Other names for the generics include Amidrine, Epidrin,Miquin, and Duradrin. All our ingredients are sourced from FDA approved suppliers and are third party tested for identification, purity, and quality. You can be confident you will be taking a quality, efficacious equivalent for your migraines.

Compounding this formula requires skill and having the mixing equipment to ensure a well blended formulation. With the help of our RAM® mixing device, using acoustic waves to blend our powders, we receive great positive feedback for our method of compounding.