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Ketamine Nose Spray for Depression and Pain Management

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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is the leading formulation specialist for ketamine nose spray, being used for both pain and as an alternative therapy for depression. This dosage method may provide quick relief for difficult to treat depression.

The nose has nerve fibers within its cavity that directly connects to the brain stem, thus bypassing the illusive blood brain barrier. The tight cell junctions stops most drugs delivered via the bloodstream from the brain. This system also prevents harmful pathogens out as a protective mechanism. However; delivering the drug via the nasal cavity is proven to be a dependable method for administering many useful drugs, including ketamine, oxytocin, HCG, fentanyl, flumazenil, vitamin b12, sermorelin, and many other large peptide analogs.

Specifically regarding ketamine for use as an anti-depressant and for effects of ketamine in the brain is to block the NMDA [N-methyl-d-aspartate] glutamate receptor resulting in a fast response time. Pavilion Compounding pharmacy can provide the ketamine nose spray in any strength, but keep in mind the drugs solubility is limited at 200mg/ml. It is important to keep this strength at room temperature, to prevent the drug from precipitating out of solution. We use preserved water in our formulation, so the risk of bacterial contamination is minimal. Most common is a 100mg/ml concentration. Dosages vary widely, but each pump of the spray bottle is 0.1ml, so each pump will deliver 10mg of ketamine. Talk to your doctor to discuss the dosing. Many times one dose will provide a remarkable turnaround from our discussions with patients and their family members.

While many antidepressants are associated with numerous side effects, ketamine seems to have a very safe profile with few side effects. Also the 2 to 3 times a week schedule provides a convenient, discreet dosage easy to follow. Important in depression.

Recently National Public Radio (NPR) did a story regarding ketamine for depression. Our experience with this therapy aligns with their story. Ketamine can be a very useful alternative and we invite you to give us a call to review information at 404-350-5780. A prescription from a licensed provider is required for this treatment option.

CBD oil may also provide benefits for pain management and depression. Click here for more information on this over the counter supplement.

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