Imiquimod Suppositories 6.25mg

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We at Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy are happy to provide this unique and critical dosage form, based on the request from one of our local providers. While not the mega-market blockbuster drug, and certainly, not a common usage, it will potentially help a patient avoid surgery.

In this case the suppositories, were used for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, however; other uses have been tried such as rectal use as well. While the pharmacology is complex, basically the imiquimod is an immune response modifier., Topical use for warts is the most common use for this, however; other dosage forms and areas of use, i.e. vaginal and rectal, have found benefit in the research areas of medicine.

While not a blockbuster drug, the benefit for this drug and dosage form, is no less important to those seeking imiquimods benefits. Dr. Christoph Grimm, M.D., at the Department of General Gynecology at the University of Vienna, concluded a 73% regression rate observed with the imiquimod group, compared with only 39% in the placebo group. His conclusion, was “topical imiquimod is an efficacious and feasible treatment for patients with CIN 2-3.” This may help to avoid surgical intervention in those patients.

The full controlled trial report can be found at, nct00941252

Also published in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, volume 120, No.1, July 2012.

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