Hormone Pellets and E-Beam Sterilization

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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy is pleased to announce the evolution of the bioidentical hormone pellet to our patients and providers. With our newest innovation, we offer E-Beam processing of our hormone pellets. Our processing facility is able to provide many advantages to be able to compound advanced pellet technology. Below are some of the unique advantages we are able to pass along.

  • FDA-registered E-beam Sterilization facility certified to ISO 13485 and 1113
  • DEA Registration
  • CA Department of Health Registration
  • E-beam focus
  • SmartDose™ for combination devices and drugs/biologics
  • Dual Beam Processing

Additionally, E- Beam Sterilization is less harsh to the pellets, provides an environmentally friendly technique using on-off technology, faster turn-around time for timely delivery to our patients, and is less stressful to the active drugs.

We invite you to give us a call and find out how SteriPellets®, compounded by Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy, is elevating the Bioidentical Hormone Pellets to state of the industry standards.

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