Are You Paying Too Much to Provide Hormone Pellet Therapy?

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You might be paying too much to provide hormone pellet therapy for your patients.

Pellets are tiny, custom-compounded therapies that address symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances in male and female patients. Hormone pellet therapy keeps your patients’ hormone levels consistent throughout their day to optimize the results of therapy. Using hormone pellets also prevents many of the side effects of orally- or topically-administered hormones, which improves patient experience and satisfaction with the treatment you provide. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) utilizes hormones similar to those already found in the human body, so they present fewer side effects than do synthetic hormones.

Save Money By Avoiding Contracts

There are some drawbacks of pellet therapy, however, and these drawbacks can be expensive for the prescribing clinician. A number of compounding pharmacies offer pellet programs, but they often require clinicians to sign complicated contracts that may not be cost-effective in the long run. Getting locked into a complicated contract can be a serious issue for every practice that offers hormone therapies, from clinics that specialize in HRT to those in family medicine.

Prescribing HRT, inserting hormone pellets, and monitoring hormone therapy can be also tricky, and the learning curve can be expensive. To mitigate these costs to prescribers, many compounding pharmacies offer training that covers the insertion of pellets, dosing of pellet therapy and interpretation of lab results, but at a price. Worse still, the training is not customizable, so practitioners end up paying for training they don’t need. In some programs, providers who are adept at prescribing HRT, pellet insertions and interpreting lab results end up paying for balanced hormone training they don’t need or utilize.

Lower Your Hormone Pellet Therapy Costs

Compounded hormones provide practitioners with a great deal of flexibility when it comes to offering a custom compounded medication at the right level of hormone for each of their patients’ HRT needs. Each prescriber can use his or her own expertise to work alongside skilled and knowledgeable pharmacists to find the perfect balance of HRT for disease prevention or to treat hormone imbalance. Many compounding pharmacies also offer payment programs that promise to save practitioners time and money.

These programs may not always be beneficial, though. Many companies provide marketing collateral and features the doctors on their website, for example, but it really ends up as an unnecessary cost because many prescribers advertise locally and use their own marketing material. Clinicians also know they can go to a company like Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy to purchase pellets directly at a lower cost and with no contract

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy provides a different option for practitioners who want control over the hormone pellet therapy they administer, and who want to pay a reasonable price to do so. Pavilion does not require cost sharing, for example, nor do we require limited marketing arrangements, protected territory, or other restrictions that could ultimately cost you more money.

If you are like many of our providers who are quite adept at inserting pellets and simply need a hormone pellet resource to offer patients, Pavilion offers personalized training. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy also can provide disposable insertion kits for many trocar sizes, and offer an autoclavable stainless steel or titanium reusable device, depending on the physician’s preference.

Atlanta Compounding Pharmacy

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy has several options for payment collection and we can adapt our practice to what is best for your practice. Talk to one of our compounding pharmacists to discuss how to best service your account – our pellet program is quite simple and cost-effective.