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About Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy

Each member of our pharmacist team looks to provide the best service we can and to exceed your expectations. We also know that a compounding pharmacy is a new term for many people and perhaps you have never heard of our specialty within the pharmacy profession. For you, the discovery of customized medication, personalized service, and our passion for what we do will be evident. Whether it be bioidentical hormones, pain management, transdermal technology, wound care, nutritional support, pediatric, veterinary compounding, discontinued medications, or hard to find drugs, we are here to help!

Your Questions Answered

With our extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals and the vast bank of resources available to us, your questions will be answered.

Our affiliation with PCCA and IACP helps to keep us informed of the latest research and developments in the specialized field of pharmaceutical compounding.

We use a special computer program, PK software, which allows us to track each formulation, active and inactive drugs, formulation specifics, lot numbers, and is integrated into our filling process to provide state of the art services.

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