4-Aminopyridine or 4AP for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

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Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy has secured a large quantity of 4-Aminopyridine USP to provide our patients with adequate supplies for the future. Requests from several Neurologist, specializing in Multiple Sclerosis, have asked us to source 4-AP. Our supply is sourced from a FDA approved facility, performing over 14 quality control checks.

  • Nine qualitative and quantitative analyses are performed on every incoming chemical lot before it is released for repacking or sale.
  • Each lot is tested against the certificate of analysis (C of A), including: USP, EP, NF, FCC, ACS and PCCA standards.
  • After initial testing, all results are reviewed for accuracy by a second QC analyst.
  • Chemicals are tested only by degreed Chemical Analysts.

Our Compounding Pharmacists have been compounding Fampridine, or 4-AP as it is also known, for close to 20 years in various formulations. We have both immediate release and modified or sustained release formulations. We can customize the strength for your specific dose. Due to the relatively lower doses of 4-AP, it is imperative that a well mixed and blended formulation is achieved to maximize therapy and give a consistent compound from batch to batch. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacists and technicians have access to the latest in blending equipment, our RAM mixing device, allowing us to blend the powders with precision.

While much has been written about the mechanism of action, suffice to say the drug works by blocking potassium channels, prolonging the action potential and thereby increasing neurotransmitter release at the neuron junction.

There may be a good response rate in multiple sclerosis patients, with reduction of symptoms. 4-AP does not reduce the progression of the disease, unfortunately. Benefits have also been show with spinal cord injuries, These improvements include sensory, motor and pulmonary function, with a decrease in spasticity and pain. 4-Aminopyridine has also shown benefit for dizziness, associated with a cerebellar disorders. The drug penetrates the brain, vs. 3,4 diaminopyridine, another drug Pavilion Compounding has formulated, which does not readily cross the blood brain barrier.

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As pharmacy compounding specialists, Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy welcomes your questions and inquiries for 4-AP, as well as other unique therapeutic therapies. Should your needs require gluten, dye, lactose, corn free, or Kosher needs, we can accommodate your request. Just ask!!!

We have veggie capsules as well as dye free capsules to meet your requests.

Our Fax # is 404-350-5640 and we also receive prescriptions via the E-Scribe network, making it easy for your provider to transmit the information to us.