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Veterinary Compounding

***We've Partnered With Angels Among Us Pet Rescue***

We'll donate a percentage of our sales from your veterinary compounded medication to our friends at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Call us, or stop by the pharmacy for details.

Dosage Forms for Pets and Exotics include:

  • Chewable Medicated Treats
  • Transdermal Gels/Creams
  • Liquid Suspension and Solutions Animal Friendly Flavoring
  • Capsules (beef or chicken flavored available)
  • Topical Creams Ointments Lotions

The major benefit of compounding is its ability to customize medications to meet patient's unique needs. No patients are more unique than the ones seen by veterinarians. Diagnosing pets is a challenge in itself. Our pharmacists are willing to work with our clients and their owners to customize medications.

Some pets may not tolerate the taste of their medication and may prefer some of the veterinary flavors we offer such as grilled chicken, strawberry, peanut butter, liver, tuna, etc. Others may need a dose that is not commercially available. We can customize strengths for your 2 lb. kitten to a full size horse. Medications that have been discontinued by the manufacturer may still be available through compounding pharmacies.

Examples of medications that we have been asked to compound for animals include; antibiotic suspensions for snakes, transdermal gels of thyroid medications for cats which are applied to the inside of the ear, capsules and chewable incontinence medications and arthritic medications for dogs. We have also had rabbit, kangaroo and equine patients.

Pavilion Compounding can also formulate in a liquid, capsule, and chewable tablets. Another common drug is cisapride used for gastrointestinal disorders that many felines present with. Ask us about our many methods of providing this for your four-legged family member!

While Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy keeps a large inventory of veterinarian medications, some of those included are estriol, potassium bromide, zonisamide, phenobarbital, enrofloxacin, tranilast, gabapentin liquid which is xylitol free, furosemide, acepromazine, spironolactone, cyclosporin both oral and eye drops, diethylstilbestrol,piroxicam, phenylpropanolamine, cisapride, hydrocodone, methimazole compounded in liquids,chew tabs, and capsules.

We also have sourced theophylline to help both our canines and felines to breath more comfortably.

When it comes to animals, we compound with both compassion and speed and look forward to seeing pictures of our new friends.

Additionally, we have compounded for those unusual species, including snakes, squirrels, lizards, fish, primates, and large animals including horses.

Atlanta has a world class veterinarian compounding pharmacy dedicated to providing fast, reliable, compounding services for any of your animals.

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